Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SpaWhite Teeth Whitening results continue to amaze me!

70 year old Jeannie came to me to get her teeth whitened with White Sciene's patented technology SpaWhite 30 minute treatment.  Her results were absolutely amazing!  She got 7 shades whiter and brighter and made her look and feel so much younger!!! 

Looking and feeling younger is what we all strive for and with a brighter smile you feel confident.  This is one part of my business I love.  When people leave me smiling bigger and brighter there is no better reward. 

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  1. I tried so many home teeth whitening products. Some worked some didnt, but i never got as good results as i did when i went to my Dentist San Antonio.

  2. Like many i wanted a perfect white bright smile. Thanks to my dentist I have got some amazing results in tooth whitening options. I got recommended to this clinic by my friend and also watched many videos shared by their patients on their experiences.