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Fundraiser for Isabella (Izzy) Dean - Help support a great cause...

Fundraiser for Isabella (Izzy) Dean - Help support a great cause...


Thank you for your support in the effort to raise money for  ISABELLA DEAN
 Isabella was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.  She is barely 2 years old.  She lives in New Port Richey Florida.   She had gone throught the past two weeks with extensive chemotherapy and is now home with her family.  Her ongoing treatment will be very costly and Izzy will need the support from all family and friends.  Please help us help Izzy get the medical treatment nessessary to continue to help her live a long and normal life. 

WOW Bright Smiles SpaBasket Incudes:

1-Gift of a Smile – includes our awesome WhiteIce Stick for removing stains from your teethin mere minutes a day, plus 20 freshups to wipe your teeth anytime of the day and freshen your breath in their own little case, and you also recieve WhiteScience whitening toothpaste!  Value $79.00
1-SolarWhite – includes prefilled mouthtray , 2 freshups and our Brillance Rinse, guarranteed 2-6 shades whiter with one treatment.  Sit in direct sunlight for 20 minutes or use a tanning bed for only 10 minutes!  No sensitivity, Instant results! You also get a reusable cosmetic bag! Value $79.00
1-Vanilla & Cream Oil Diffuer
1- Yardley Lavender Soap Bar
1- Reflexology socks
1- Scrunge Spunge (pink)
1- Wisp by Colgate contains 2 Wisp’s
1- Colgate Max Fresh Toothpast.
1- purple flower pen
2- Heart shaped Chocolate Candle’s
2- Soft CloseUp Tooth Brushes
1- Microfiber Facial Scrubbers 3 in the pack
1- Blow up Bath Pillow
1- Wet n Wild Body Tatoo!  Fun!
1-spa Pedicure set
1- Pumice Sponge
$10.00 off first Seeking Sitter’s event coupon
10% Off Jeuness products, Anti age serum, cream and Reserve antioxidants!

1 BlueIce necklace donated by Beverly Tredray
Lia Sophia Independent Advisor  Value $66.00

Total value of SpaWhite Basket = $250.00 WOW!
SeekingSitter Childs Basket includes :
1- Free Activation Fee $39.95 for membership @ SeekingSitters
Many fun childrens toys and candy lots of other to be added total value yet to be determined.
SeekingSitters membership is valid only in Orlando Florida for this fund raiser.  Each SeekingSitters member is provided with an efficient online account providing the ability to manage your home location, make a sitter request, view the babysitting team and set sitter preferences.
A local owner is always available for your needs.  Local owners work to make sure that the most qualified and reliable sitters are available for your sitting needs.  Community is important to SeekingSitters and each local office is actively involved in their community. Check out the community events area to learn more.
Raffle tickets are available for  $5.00 for 1 ticket ..$10.00 for 3 tickets … $20.00 for 10 tickets.  All money raised from raffles will be given to Team Izzy Fundraising .

Big Thank you to Melissa Sobrin of SeekingSitters for opening her home to us on Friday and supporting Isabella Dean and her Family! 

After payment is recieved we will email you your ticket numbers.  Please specify which baskets you would like your tickets entered in.  Drawing will be held Sept 30, 2011.   If you are not local and we need to ship out your baskets you will only recieve all the contants in the baskets not the actual basket to keep shipping costs down.  Thank you again and Good Luck and please keep prayers coming in for Izzy!

Please visit here to purchase tickets!! 

If you book your teeth whitening from now until Sept 30th we will donate 20% of the proceeds to the Team Izzy Fund Raiser!  Call for your appointment now! 1-888-727-1964 ext 102 Lisa

Please look at her beautiful little face and help support Click here to Donate >>> Izzy

Monday, August 22, 2011

Question and answer - What makes us different from other teeth whitening services!

Question and answer

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Check out their website and local sites. Make sure they have real testimonials and are truly offerring you the best product. Ask if they guarantee the results. If you are not satisfied what happens? You will then know if you are truly dealing with someone who believes in their product and cares about their clients. We offer a blog site to all our customers to help educate our clients on maitaining their beautiful smiles and useful tips they can apply to everyday life. We care.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. I wish I understood more about the combination of peroxides and what the differences mean as far as effectiveness of removing stains and causing pain. The PH balance in the mixture is the main factor in the pain most people get when using whitening products. If it is not properly done you will get sensitivity and most time alot of pain.

We make sure this does not happen to any of our clients. Last thing we ever want to do is cause pain. If you have any open cavities or gum disease you must get these taken care of by your doctor.

Also for best results you will want to get your teeth cleaned prior to your whitening treatment. This will help remove the tartar buildup and allow the treament to get in between all the crevices and you will get much better results.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. Do you guarantee your product? Where is your product made? Are you approved by the dental association? What is the PH Balance in your product? What kind of light do you use to accelerate the gel? If it is a UV light stay away! Best lights are cool blue dental lights that are not harmful to your skin or health.

All of our products are manufactured by WhiteScience in an ISO factory, and are NOT imported from countries with questionable safety standards. This means you can confidently use any of our WhiteScience product lines knowing they were manufactured under the most exacting standards of safety and excellence.

We have achieved the delicate balance of affordability without compromising quality.

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

A. Getting your teeth whitened by a professional is definitely an investment whether is $1000.00 or $149.00. You will need to maintain that smile after all it is your smile. Your maintenance is the key. Most dentists will send you home with trays that cost anywhere from $300.00 and up. These trays can be costly and lets face it they take time to do and they taste bad. You want something that will continue to remove stains and easy to use. We have that product and customers love it. WhiteICE is like a chapstick you roll over your teeth and thats it! Minty flavored and you don't have to rinse. Only cost $59.00 and last up to 3 months depending on usage.

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. Simple...We guarantee results or you don't pay!!! We have a proven track record of getting results our customers love. We guarantee 2 shades whiter if that doesnt happen you don't have to pay!

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. OMG the reactions of my clients when they see their results it's amazing how happy they become and how big their smile gets!!! I love helping people smile!! What can be better then a smile!


  • May 18, 2011
    The Spa White treatment I received with Lisa was a great experience. I am a huge skeptic and am usually very hesitant to try anything new. After speaking with her and viewing some of the before and after pictures, I couldn't help but meet with her and follow up on the product. Lisa was great, she answered all my questions regarding the product and procedure. I wanted to make sure my teeth looked great for an upcoming event, and after getting my teeth whitened my smile looks amazing! Thank you so much Lisa! The whole experience was great!
    – Julianna
  • May 18, 2011
    I have gotten my teeth whitened several times. Once in the dentist's office ($300, a lot of drooling and sensitivity for days) and a few times at spas...even the mall. I'm not vain or anything :O)

    WOW Bright Smiles is BY FAR the best teeth whitening product I've ever tried. It took 20 minutes (not 60), I felt no "bubbling", nor did I drool all over the lovely smock provided. When the procedure was finished, I looked in the mirror and HONESTLY, could not believe how white my teeth looked.

    Initially, because of being used to other treatments, I was afraid to eat/drink something hot/cold. I felt NO sensitivity whatsoever!

    Not only is the product amazing, but the customer service is as well. I highly recommend WOW Bright Smiles, Orlando... Heck, I'm all over the web with my testimonials. I wish I could frame the videos... I just love the way my smile looks! A+
    – Melissa
  • May 20, 2011
    I had my teeth whitened by Lisa & I can honestly tell you I noticed a difference! I was a HUGE skeptic, but after trying her product, I'm now a believer! I've used the expensive whitening trays from my Dentist, but had no success & experienced extreme sensitivity. The SpaWhite procedure only took 20 mins, no discomfort at all! She also used the 10 min whitening accelerator treatment that boosted my white shade up a notch. I got great results! :)
    – Tammy
You can view more testimonials @ WOW Bright Smiles  and ...

Buy One Get One FREE SpaWhite Teeth Whitening 20 minute treatment..

WOW Bright Smiles LLC Newsletter

Buy one Get One Free SpaWhite 20 minute treatment.

Now you can afford to have a brighter whiter smile!  For ONLY $149.00 you and a companion can get our SpaWhite professional teeth whitening treament with our 5k cool blue dental light.  Treament takes on 20 minutes for guaranteed rsults from 2 -6 shades whiter.  No sensitivity, Instant results in the privacy of your own home or office or you can come to us. 

Professional Teeth Whitening with SpaWhite

SpaWhite | Teeth Whitening at the Speed of Light
SpaWhite has been scientifically formulated to achieve visible whitening results in as little as 20 minutes, presented in a PH neutral balanced formula which reduces enamel erosion, gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. SpaWhite removes surface stains from teeth using a patented foam suspension peroxide delivery system and DayLight 5K light. Developed to combat the effects of acidic and strongly pigmented food, drink, tobacco, as well as normal aging – all of which cause discoloration.

5 SpaWhite Whitening Elements

Peroxide | When peroxide combines with the moisture in your mouth, it releases hydroxyl radicals that penetrate the cellular structure of the teeth to release stains that have built up over time.
Light | Exposing your teeth and the suspended peroxide to the save "cool blue" light of the WhiteScience Daylight 5K accelerates the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into powerful, whitening hydroxyl radicals. Our flexible mouth tray acts as a lens to focus the light.
Pressure | Pressure and contact are required to force hydroxyl radicals into the enamel of your teeth. Once inserted in the flexible mouth tray, mild pressure conforms the patented peroxide strip to the shape of your teeth.
Heat | Heat is applied via the exclusive WhiteScience Daylight 5K light system. Barely noticeable to you, the Daylight 5K light assists in releasing the powerful hydroxyl radicals.
Exposure | Length of exposure is key to effective whitening. WhiteScience's revolutionary technology will brighten your smile in as little as 15 minutes, with incredible results.

SpaWhite Key Facts

SpaWhite is for natural teeth and whitens by removing stains, not "adding" whitening. Teeth cannot get whiter then they were when the permanent teeth came in, or in the case of synthetic tooth structures, when they were installed.
Tingling or slight gum sensitivity is normal and not harmful to gums or enamel. For people with sensitive gums, lightly coat the gums and lip area with petroleum jelly prior to treatment, being careful not to get any on the teeth.
Blanching (or whitening) of the gums is common and normal. It is a temporary reaction due to the antiseptic nature of hydrogen peroxide and not harmful to teeth or gums.
Limit individuals to 2 consecutive treatments within 24 hours.
Important: For 24 hrs following a SpaWhite treatment, avoid consuming anything that would stain a white shirt!

SpaWhite Procedure

    1. For people with sensitive gums, lightly coat the gums and lip area with petroleum jelly prior to treatment, being careful not to get any on the teeth.

    1. Take the Shade Guide and measure the shade of the teeth. Write down the shade number.

    1. Have the customer remove a Deep Cleaning Teeth Wipe and with the blue side to teeth, rub all teeth firmly to remove residue.

    1. Hand the Mylar bag containing the all-in-one mouthpiece to the customer. It is important that the customer open the bag as this is a self-administered product. This mouthpiece is designed with a pre-adhered foam strip, with pre-loaded gel that does not require additional construction prior to insertion into the mouth.

    1. Have customer place the mouthpiece into the mouth, ensuring that the foam pad is securely in place on the front of the teeth.Direct the customer to adjust the lips over the mouthpiece until comfortable.

    1. Place the Daylight 5K Light up against the front of the mouthpiece, and set the timer for 20 minutes.

    1. When complete, have customer remove the mouthpiece, and using another Teeth Wipe, remove the gel residue.

    1. Immediately provide the Finishing Rinse to customer and have them utilize the full 1 oz. bottle by swishing in the mouth for a full 90 seconds before expelling into a sink or cup.

    1. Take another Shade Guide measurement and provide the difference in results to customer.

SpaWhite Ingredients

Glycerin, water, carbamide peroxide, sodium hydroxide, aroma, EDTA, BHT

Oral Finishing Rinse Ingredients

Water, Myrrh, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint, Xylitol

Contact Lisa @ 407-690-7620 for appointment.  Travel fee of $25.00 is not included. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Valuable teeth whitening tips.....

Worried your smile looks more like a five-spot than a million bucks? “Yellow teeth can make you appear 10 years older than you actually are

Here are a few tips for whiter brighter smile!

1. Regular dental checkups:
Teeth shine like Chicklets? You still need to see a dentist.  Assuming teeth are healthy can be both painful and costly over time.  Dental disease is a lot like diabetes and heart disease. You don't feel any thing is wrong until something very serious is occurring.” Many times you will not feel anything until the problem has reached the nerve of the tooth. In other words, don’t trust the glint of your pearly whites. The only way to really know if your teeth are healthy is to visit a dentist.

2. Use a Soft Toothbrush:
It may seem counterintuitive, but gentle bristles work better. “A hard toothbrush may cause you to brush your gums away,”  And don’t use a sawing motion when brushing, either. Instead, point your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and brush using an up-and-down motion.  Electric tooth brushes are even better.

3. Wipe your teeth and stay away from breath mints:
At least the sugary ones. “You’re basically bathing your teeth in sugar for hours upon hours,” Instead of sucking on breath mints all day, keep a travel-size toothbrush and tube of toothpaste in your desk or purse or use deep cleansing wipes.  Fresh Ups Key Facts,Textured surface gently removes plaque. Natural peppermint oil and menthol freshen your breath. Perfect pre-treatment for application of teeth whitening sticks, pads or strips. Individual, sterile packaging fits conveniently in your purse or wallet. Comfortable, slip-on design fits most finger sizes. No water or sink required. Safe to use in conjunction with WhiteICE & SolarWhite.  To order they come in a bag of 200 wipes for only $49.00.  More info email


4. Keep Foreign Objects Out of your mouth:
That pen cap you nervously chew on all day could be causing serious damage to your chompers' enamel. “You should not put things in your mouth that aren’t meant to be eaten.” The solution? Awareness. Most people don’t realize that they’re chewing on anything.  Get yourself some chewing sticks or chew sugarless gum.

5. Floss and put down the toothpick:
If you dig too hard, toothpicks can also scrape the enamel of your teeth or damage your gums. They’re also too big to fit in between your teeth where the most detrimental bacteria thrive.  Always reach for floss, this will get rid of the bacteria between your teeth and in your gums. 

6. Eat crunchy foods:
Soft foods can cause a surprising amount of trouble. They stick to teeth and turn into sugar, which when combined with residual plaque form an acid that eats away at enamel,  “This acid can burrow beneath the periodontal membrane which can lead to bleeding gums as well as periodontal disease.” Soft foods also generally fail to stimulate saliva production, which helps force bacteria to disperse and neutralize, preventing cavities and bad breath and strengthening gums. Eat firm, crunchy food with a high water content such as carrots, apples and celery daily.

7. Avoid staining your teeth:
If you want to avoid staining your teeth with vibrant food and drink such as red wine and espresso moderation is key. “Have coffee, but don’t have 20 cups a day. “You’re bathing your teeth in this really, really strong color. It doesn’t hurt them, it just makes them look bad.” If you can’t resist another glass, consider professionally whitening your teeth with a WOW Bright Smiles treatment.

8. Vitamin C:
Malnutrition is a contributing factor of gum disease. Keep your teeth in tact by getting at least 180 mg of vitamin C a day the amount found in about three oranges. “Vitamin C can help repair damage and maintain the connective tissue that keeps mouths healthy,” those who fail to get the recommended daily allowance are 1.5 times more likely to develop severe gingivitis than those who do.

9. Maintain the perfect smile:
WhiteIce will keep your teeth looking brighter and whiter without tooth sensitivity or a yucky taste in your mouth.  Your mouth will feel minty fresh while the scrubbing bubbles effect from whiteIce remove daily stainging.  Easy, Simple way to a brighter whiter smile.  Once a boutique product only available through the dentist’s office, WhiteICE was named top 100 Dental Products when it was introduced in 2007. Formulated to work in concert with other WhiteScience products or by itself, WhiteICE is the quick, easy way to literally erase stains in minutes a day and maintain that perfect smile.

10. Do it yourself:
SolarWhite is the only product in the world that is scientifically formulated to achieve
visible whitening results using either direct sunlight or a tanning bed.  SolarWhiteSolarWhite is the only product in the world that is scientifically formulated to achieve visible whitening results using either direct sunlight or a tanning bed. SolarWhite removes surface stains from teeth using a patented foam suspension peroxide delivery system – 20 minutes in direct sunlight or only 10 minutes in a tanning bed. Developed to combat the effects of acidic and strongly pigmented food, drink, tobacco, as well as normal aging – all of which cause discoloration.
Using Solar White Pool Side

Before SolarWhite


After SolarWhite 20 minute treatment 4 Shades Whiter and brighter...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SpaWhite Teeth Whitening results continue to amaze me!

70 year old Jeannie came to me to get her teeth whitened with White Sciene's patented technology SpaWhite 30 minute treatment.  Her results were absolutely amazing!  She got 7 shades whiter and brighter and made her look and feel so much younger!!! 

Looking and feeling younger is what we all strive for and with a brighter smile you feel confident.  This is one part of my business I love.  When people leave me smiling bigger and brighter there is no better reward. 

For more info on our products please visit