Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fundraiser for Isabella (Izzy) Dean - Help support a great cause...

Fundraiser for Isabella (Izzy) Dean - Help support a great cause...


Thank you for your support in the effort to raise money for  ISABELLA DEAN
 Isabella was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.  She is barely 2 years old.  She lives in New Port Richey Florida.   She had gone throught the past two weeks with extensive chemotherapy and is now home with her family.  Her ongoing treatment will be very costly and Izzy will need the support from all family and friends.  Please help us help Izzy get the medical treatment nessessary to continue to help her live a long and normal life. 

WOW Bright Smiles SpaBasket Incudes:

1-Gift of a Smile – includes our awesome WhiteIce Stick for removing stains from your teethin mere minutes a day, plus 20 freshups to wipe your teeth anytime of the day and freshen your breath in their own little case, and you also recieve WhiteScience whitening toothpaste!  Value $79.00
1-SolarWhite – includes prefilled mouthtray , 2 freshups and our Brillance Rinse, guarranteed 2-6 shades whiter with one treatment.  Sit in direct sunlight for 20 minutes or use a tanning bed for only 10 minutes!  No sensitivity, Instant results! You also get a reusable cosmetic bag! Value $79.00
1-Vanilla & Cream Oil Diffuer
1- Yardley Lavender Soap Bar
1- Reflexology socks
1- Scrunge Spunge (pink)
1- Wisp by Colgate contains 2 Wisp’s
1- Colgate Max Fresh Toothpast.
1- purple flower pen
2- Heart shaped Chocolate Candle’s
2- Soft CloseUp Tooth Brushes
1- Microfiber Facial Scrubbers 3 in the pack
1- Blow up Bath Pillow
1- Wet n Wild Body Tatoo!  Fun!
1-spa Pedicure set
1- Pumice Sponge
$10.00 off first Seeking Sitter’s event coupon
10% Off Jeuness products, Anti age serum, cream and Reserve antioxidants!

1 BlueIce necklace donated by Beverly Tredray
Lia Sophia Independent Advisor  Value $66.00

Total value of SpaWhite Basket = $250.00 WOW!
SeekingSitter Childs Basket includes :
1- Free Activation Fee $39.95 for membership @ SeekingSitters
Many fun childrens toys and candy lots of other to be added total value yet to be determined.
SeekingSitters membership is valid only in Orlando Florida for this fund raiser.  Each SeekingSitters member is provided with an efficient online account providing the ability to manage your home location, make a sitter request, view the babysitting team and set sitter preferences.
A local owner is always available for your needs.  Local owners work to make sure that the most qualified and reliable sitters are available for your sitting needs.  Community is important to SeekingSitters and each local office is actively involved in their community. Check out the community events area to learn more.
Raffle tickets are available for  $5.00 for 1 ticket ..$10.00 for 3 tickets … $20.00 for 10 tickets.  All money raised from raffles will be given to Team Izzy Fundraising .

Big Thank you to Melissa Sobrin of SeekingSitters for opening her home to us on Friday and supporting Isabella Dean and her Family! 

After payment is recieved we will email you your ticket numbers.  Please specify which baskets you would like your tickets entered in.  Drawing will be held Sept 30, 2011.   If you are not local and we need to ship out your baskets you will only recieve all the contants in the baskets not the actual basket to keep shipping costs down.  Thank you again and Good Luck and please keep prayers coming in for Izzy!

Please visit here to purchase tickets!! 

If you book your teeth whitening from now until Sept 30th we will donate 20% of the proceeds to the Team Izzy Fund Raiser!  Call for your appointment now! 1-888-727-1964 ext 102 Lisa

Please look at her beautiful little face and help support Click here to Donate >>> Izzy

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