Sunday, February 20, 2011

WhiteScience at it's Best!

WOW Bright Smiles partner with (WhiteScience)  is the leading supplier of premium professional teeth whitening services and systems for salons, spas, dentists, and medi- spa and health professionals.  Our mission is to bring professional teeth whitening to your business. We provide you with everything you need to add teeth whitening to your business.   WOW Bright Smiles never takes short cuts; we use only the finest, dental-grade FDA Lab Registered hydrogen peroxide, CE certified ad FDA registered LED lights, all of that with outstanding service.  

Teeth whitening will bring significant profits to your business but if done incorrectly with the wrong company or products it could impact your business and hurt your reputation.

WOW Bright Smiles partner with (WhiteScience) is deeply knowledgeable about the industry, investigates leading clinical research and invests in trade memberships like the Council on Cosmetic Teeth Whitening (CCTW), (White Science World Wide - George Nelson, President CCTW Platinum Member and Founding Member an organization that ensures your legal rights to deliver professional teeth whitening.  WOW Bright Smiles is committed to your success! We are driven to be your best business partner and to helping you develop an exciting new revenue stream. 

The Power of Our Brand

Born in an international publicly traded R&D dental company, WhiteScience technology was specifically developed using patented formulated delivery systems to create superior whitening products. Our own engineering and scientific team ensures that we have a perpetual pipeline of new and innovative products.
All products are manufactured by WhiteScience in an ISO factory, and are NOT imported from countries with questionable safety standards. This means you can confidently offer any of our WhiteScience product lines to your clients knowing they were manufactured under the most exacting standards of safety and excellence.

WhiteScience uses science to create a work of art in the smile.Until now, the only way to really maintain a white smile was to continually bleach your teeth using trays and syringes from the dentist. Consumers needed a better alternative. That’s why WhiteScience originally developed and continues to manufacture a variety of
whitening products and maintenance treatments to keep your smile looking its best.

WhiteScience’s products are also used by the Stars, and have received “Best Product” awards at the PrimeTime Emmy’s and American Music Awards.WhiteScience’s top selling product, WhiteIce, once a boutique product only available through the dentist’s office, was also named top 100 Dental Products when it was introduced in 2007.

Tip: Be careful of vendors that promise a low price guarantee!  In order for them to cut costs they must compromise on quality.  Low quality whitening gels will break down and separate, LED teeth whitening lights will short out or fall apart and poor marketing materials won’t motivate people to visit your business.  Quality without compromise is not cheap but WhiteScience cosmetic teeth whitening is unique in providing the finest quality with the best price for a remarkable value.    
Of course we wouldn't ask you to have an event at your business without test driving our great product first! 

Call me now 1-888-727-1964 x102 and set up a Free Consultation and Free Teeth Whitening with no obligation!!! 


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