Monday, February 28, 2011

Tips for Teeth Whitening

No matter what fashion's are ruling the runways this season, there is one fashion accessory that will remain; Glistening White Teeth!  Unfortunately as we age we devolpe poor habits such as drinking coffee, red wines etc.  which dulls our teeth.  Which means we need to work alittle harder to maintain that beautiful white smile. 

Here are a few tips I know will help you do just that!

  •  Whiten while you eat: certain foods like apples, cerlery, carrots, strawberries, spinach and broccoli are great ways to clean your teeth.  Make these foods part of your everyday meals.
  • Drink through a straw: drinking through a straw will prevent stains from dark colored drinks such as colas, berry juices, coffee, tea... put a couple of straws in your purse and your on your way.
  • Deep Cleansing Teeth Wipes: when you don't have time to brush after each meal  Freshups from whitescience are also an awesome way to prevent stainning from foods and drinks and even smoking when you are at work or school. Just tear it open, slip your index finger in and clean your teeth and gums leaves your teeth feeling clean and freshens your breath.

  • Electric toothb brush:  any electric tooth brush will work just fine.  The electric tooth brush actually more effective at removing extrinsic stains, which are embedded on the exterior of the tooth. 
  • Use a whitening tooth paste: whitening toothpastes helps remove stains before they settle in and discolor the enamel.  Sugest trying our multi-action whitening toothpaste.

  • White Ice much easier then strips:  White Ice looks like a chapstick, it is the easiest way to keep removing stains and freshen breath at same time.  You can use it anytime after drinking coffee or smokin (you should quit) and at bedtime after brushing and flossing to contiue to remove deep stains and brighten your smile.
  • Choose the right lipstick:  If you have grayish teeth, avoid red lipsticks with blue tones and instead try a cooler tone with a brown base. "Nude pinks with an almost brownish hue are best. If you have a yellow or off-white tone to your teeth, avoid deep, dark and bright shades, as well as super-shiny glosses. Instead, advises Dr. Levine, try nude shades or pinks that have bluish undertones.
So there are a few tips for teeth whitening that I know will brighten your smile.

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  1. awesome tips - am go so going to follow all this to the last letter starting tomorrow. Always wanted to know whether whitening toothpastes and vibrating brushes help - you've removed huge doubt in my mind. Thanks again : )

  2. Great, I have always been a fanatic when it comes to my teeth never had a cavity but I did wear the enamel on my teeth from too much brushing... This caused high sensitivity. I will be adding more helpful hints and ways to keep a brighter smile and healthy gums.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Lisa, thanks for sharing this post. Just last week I went out and got the household some of those rotating, toothbrushes.

    Our next step will be one of the good fancy smancy ones...

  4. Not sure if I tweeted you earlier so came back :P tweeted and shared on my fb.

  5. Great post :) Eucryl toothpolish is great for teeth whitening its like £1.50 in the UK chemists awesome!! ive tweeted this you are so right white teeth are always in style xxx

  6. @ Debbie, Thanks so much and just FYI you don't need any fancy smancy tooth brushes... One that is soft and electric is good enough.

    @Pixielashes it's so true teeth wiil always be first thing people notice.

    Thank you both for the tweets you are awesome!! : )

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