Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mobile Professional Teeth Whitening - Events

  • Corporate/Business
    All you need is 4 or more people and WOW Bright Smiles will come on-site to your business. We make a wonderful addition to your wellness program. Tie us into contests and incentives -- we'll provide the prize! Or we can just be a great concept event for your company. And you don't even have to leave the office to get it done - good for the employee... good for the employer. Brighter smiles increase confidence and boost morale in the workplace. The end result: greater productivity. All these benefits with great corporate discounts. Teeth whitening also makes a unique and well-appreciated gift for your staff or valued business contacts. Maybe a raffle item at a company party or event. So bring a brighter smile to the faces of those who contribute to the success of your company.
  • Home Whitening Party Get 3 or more friends or family members together and WOW Bright Smiles will come right to your home! As the host, you will receive a discount for each person you invite over towards your whitening party. If you have 6 or more people, you'll get a FREE session! Great way to brighten your smile!

  • Health Club/Fitness Center Looking good...feeling good...healthier lifestyle. That's the name of the game. And that's what WOW Bright Smiles is all about. We will come to your facility on a recurring basis or for a special event to offer professional teeth whitening at great promotional pricing to your members and staff. Give a whitening session away as a contest or raffle prize. Guaranteed, we'll have everyone sweatin' with a brighter whiter smile.

  • Before Your Wedding On the most special day of your life, you want your brightest smile. You do your hair, makeup and nails please don't forget your teeth! Everyone will notice that more than anything. You've got enough going on with the big day approaching. So WOW Bright Smiles will come right to your home (or whereever you prefer) to whiten you, your bridal party, siblings, and parents... anyone in your wedding party. We offer great wedding package pricing. And if you have more than 6 people who whiten their teeth, the "Bride & Groom gets Whitening for Free". Now that's a white wedding!

  • Salon/Spa Event
    Now you can add professional teeth whitening to your line of services without having to own/maintain any additional equipment or purchase any additional product/supplies. You can schedule your event on a periodic or regular basis. WOW Bright Smiles will come in to take care of your clients with the same level of professionalism and service they are accustomed to receiving in your establishment. We will help you promote the event any way we can. We have a selection of posters and flyers available for you to choose from. All you have to do is select a date, book the appointments, and accept a percentage of the profits from the event. Now that's beautiful!

  • Trade Show/Wellness Fair/Special Event/Fundraiser
    If you'd like to have professional teeth whitening on-site, please contact us. We'd love to hear about your event! WOW Bright Smiles can perform the service right then and there offering promotional pricing, or simply provide information to those in attendance. Either way, we'll bring smiles to everyone's face!


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