Monday, July 11, 2011

WhiteScience makers of SpaWhite in the news!

WhiteScience the manufacturer of SpaWhite!  Conitinually making news headlines for the most effective cosmetic teeth whitening on the market outside fo the dental office!  No Sensitivity, enamel safe and only takes 20 minutes under our 5k cool blue dental light.  SpaWhite is PH balanced so you will not experience any tooth sensitivity or zingers just a beautiful whiter smile.

Chicago Collection | Spring 2010
The big day creates countless memories – and probably even more photographs. The last thing any bride or bridal party member wants to remember is yellow teeth! Make sure yours are pearly white with the SpaWhite teeth-whitening treatment offered at The Salon at Ulta…
Chicago Collection Article on WhiteScience

Michigan Avenue | March 2010
INSIGHT Our take on whats new, notable and now… 6 Shades brighter your smile can be after Ulta’s new 15-minute WhiteScience treatment…
Michigan Avenue Article on WhiteScience

CS | February 2010
Obsessed with the latest beauty tricks, tips and trends? Our editors try the 10 most innovative new treatments and tools for the New Year…
CS Article on WhiteScience

Poor Little Rich Girls |January 2010
When PLRG found out that The Salon at Ulta was now offering a new cosmetic teeth whitening service called SpaWhite, I figured the least I could do for my teeth was to schedule an appointment. “Cosmetic” as we all know can sometimes be code for “temporary” or even “fake”, so on my teeth’s behalf I proceeded with caution. What I expected – a dentist-like, lengthy, boring procedure – couldn’t be far enough from what I found…
Poor Little Rich Girls Article on WhiteScience

Time Out Chicago | January 2010
WHITE OUT | Whenever I think of teeth-whitening services, my mind immediately jumps to that episode of Friends where Ross gets his teeth bleached before a date (they end up glowing under her black light). I don’t really want those blindingly pearly whites, so I’ve stuck with whitening toothpaste. But when I heard about the WhiteScience treatment at Ulta on State Street, I was intrigued……
Time Out Chicago Article on WhiteScience

Cheeky Chicago | December 2009
Light Up a Holiday Party with Your Smile with WhiteScience at The Salon at ULTA*
One of the best things about this time of year is the fabulous holiday parties you get to go to and all the great complimentary red wine you get to sip. One of the not-so-best things about this time of year are those morning-after hangovers and all that coffee you’ve got to guzzle to get you through them. What does it equal? Not-so-pearly-whites…

Cheeky Article on WhiteScience

NBC Chicago | November 2009
It’s all about multi-tasking, dear friends. So in a world where time is of the essence, we were thrilled to discover that Ulta Salon on State Street has added teeth whitening to their menu of spa and salon services…
NBC Chicago Article on WhiteScience

Entrepreneur | October 2009
WhiteScience Worldwide has set the industry standard for premium cosmetic teeth whitening internationally. After investing millions in product and delivery system patents, WhiteScience literally created a niche market. The resulting 20 minute teeth whitening system made it possible for vanity businesses and entrepreneurs to provide professional quality teeth whitening to the public…
Entrepreneur Article on WhiteScience

New Beauty Magazine | Summer-Fall 2009
Make over your smile. If you want to preserve your smile for years to come, it’s important not to neglect at-home care. Without it, in-office procedure such as professional dental cleanings, whitening treatments, veneers, crowns and bonding become less effective……
New Beauty Article on WhiteScience

Life & Style | July 2008
WHITEN IN A FLASH… Swiping clean teeth daily with this peroxide-based stick makes them four to seven shades lighter in just two weeks…
Life & Style Article on WhiteScience

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