Monday, May 9, 2011

Why did you start your business?




I am constantly being asked why I started doing teeth whitening because it was definitely not something I ever thought about.  So here is the reason and I hope you enjoy the read. 


Why did you start your business?

Basically, I was always in outside sales and wanted my teeth their whitest. I would use crest strips (oh they made my teeth so sensitive and tasted yucky).  I also went to the dentist and paid several hundred dollars. I used the take home trays and gels that I never had time to do and when I did I really never saw any results.  Cost me well over $900.00.  I didn't mind paying I wanted whiter teeth, you see I am a heavy coffee drinker and a smoker...(I know I will get hell for this but I am going to quit soon) I know you all heard that before. I have never had a cavity and take really good care of my teeth. When I was in high school I had taken 2 years of dental assistanting hoping I would enjoy it and make a career of it but to be honest I didnt like putting my hands in peoples mouths. I had moved to Orlando Fl. 7 years ago and was shopping in the Florida Mall when we spotted this teeth whitening Kiosk for WhiteScience also know as Whitening on Wheels. The gentlemen told me he would whiten my teeth and my daughters for only $200.00. Well $200.00 for the both of us seemed like nothing compared to what I have paid in the past just for me.  I was alittle skeptical but he guarranteed me results, so how could I say no?  So of course I agreed and he did our teeth. I was blown away that I had minimal drooling, NO Sensitivity and my teeth got 5 shades whiter Instantly in only 20 minutes!! I decided this was the only place from now on I would go to get my teeth whitened.  It was inexpensive, painless and results were fantastic. Well, 6 monhts goes by and I need to do my teeth again because of my bad habbits and when I went to the Mall he was gone. In my dismay, I called all over to see if there was another vendor from WhiteScience I could not find any.  I googled WhiteScience and got the number to their corporate office in Georgia. They told me that my contact had moved further south and that there was no other vendor for WhiteScience in my area.  Then they proceeded to tell me about starting my own franchise and how easy it was and I thought about it and realized WOW I could have my own business making people smile!!  I love it, so I agreed and WOW Bright Smiles was born.  I love this product and just by seeing all my testimonials so does everyone else.  I have had 100% success with every teeth whitening I have done. My clients feel more confident and the smile just says it all.  What a great business, what could be better then making poeople smile? 

What makes you different than other similar businesses in your community?
What makes us unique is we can come to your home or business to whiten your teeth.  We also do home parties, fund raisers, special events.  We work with local salon's and spa's to bring more business into their location by offerring teeth whitening event days.  WhiteScience Worldwide, the manufacturing and sales leader in cosmetic teeth whitening technology in the world. We proudly offer the #1 Teeth Whitening products and patented whitening delivery system in America! WhiteScience has set the industry standard for premium cosmetic teeth whitening worldwide.Many years of research and over $4 million dollars was invested in product development and patents which has created a new cosmetic whitening industry making it possible for everyone to get professional quality 20 minute teeth whitening without a dentist or at dentist’s pricing. We have achieved the delicate balance of affordability without compromising quality. Born in an international publicly traded R&D dental company, WhiteScience technology was specifically developed using patented formulated delivery systems to create superior whitening products. All products are manufactured by WhiteScience in an ISO factory, and are NOT imported from countries with questionable safety standards. This means you can feel confident when using WhiteScience product lines knowing they were manufactured under the most exacting standards of safety and excellence.

If you could say something about yourself in less then 5 words what would you say? 
I love making people Smile!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my story and please I look forward to any comments and or sugesstion's.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Way to go Laura - love the last 5 words - that should be the motto of your business if it is not already : ) - smiling now

  2. Thank you Kriti, it Is!


  3. That's a wonderful idea! And you get to try out a lot of products in the process. But what do you do when a teeth whitening product doesn't work for a client? They tend to have varying effects on people.

    Joel Jackson