Friday, May 13, 2011

OMG your breath STINKS !!!

Have you ever wanted to say that to someone??  I know I have and I found there are foods that can help you avoid bad breath.   Isn't food amazing??  I love that there are so many benefits to food we just need to really understand it and not take it for granted.

First lets talk about what causes bad breath?
Many things can cause bad breath, like smoking, odor causing foods (garlic), tooth decay, gum disease, dry mouth, sinus or respiratory infections, poor dental hygiene, and medications.Dental Hygiene : Woman having toothache Stock Photo

What can you do about bad breath?
So you believe you have bad breath or have been told you have bad breath right?  Well then keep a diary of the foods you eat and medications you take.  Tell your dentist next time you visit. Gum : Photo of female patient with dentist over her checking up teeth and drilling them Let him know if you have been sick or on any medications since last visit.  Brush your teeth twice a day to remove any foods and plaque from your teeth.  Don't forget to brush your tongue most people don't do this but it's inportant!  Remove your dentures every night, clean them good before putting them back in. 

What about mouthwash?
Well mouthwash is cosmetic and loaded with alcohol this may be a cause of bad breath belive it or not. 

Here are a few foods that will help!

Parsley, so you think that garnish on your plate is not worth eating?  Think again, parsley is one of the best foods to fight bad breath and natural way.  So next time you have that piece of garnish on your plate make sure you chew on it when your done with your meal. You can chew on fresh herbs or make tonics by steeping them in hot water (as a tea). These herbs make an excellent digestive as well—doubling the benefits of ending a meal this way.

Yogurt : Healthy breakfast of yogurt and fresh berriesYogurt, A serving of yogurt a day actually helps reduce the odor causing hydrogen sulfide in the mouth.  Yogurt also cuts back the bacteria that grows in your mouth.  Gum disease and plague were also reduced by studies of people who ate yogurt everyday.  Make sure your yogurt is the kind with active cultures - not processed or sugar added varieties.

Celery, Carrots : Food preparation Stock PhotoCrunchy Foods, You need to keep your mouth moist, so crunching on apples, celery, carrots, broccoli, and any fiber rich fruit or veggie is your friend to fighting halitosis.  Crunchy foods also help clean out all the carbs that get stuck in your mouth from the cereals, breads and chicken...
Don't forget to follow up your meal with something crunchy!

Berries : Fresh fruits salad isolated on a white background Stock PhotoVitamin C, Foods rich in vitamin C like berrie, melons, citrus will help against the growth of bacteria and is also impotant for preventing gum disease and gingivitis which are both causes of halitosis. 

Gum : Side view of a young woman with professional makeup making a bubble from a chewing gum.Chew Gum, sugarless gum and only if there is nothing else around this will help keep your mouth moist and minty fresh only for a short time so make sure you keep up propper dental hygiene!

Gum : Woman brushing her teeth.Dental Hygiene : Dentist gives the child a green Apple Stock PhotoDental Hygiene : the little cute girl brushing her teethCitrus : Fruit collage (greeting card, extra large file)

So remember to brush twice a day and eat the foods that will help prevent halitosis !! 

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