Saturday, March 12, 2011

Teeth Whitening Testimonials - SpaWhite

See what real people are saying about WOW Bright Smiles of Orlando Florida!!! 

Teeth Whitening Testimonials for SpaWhite

Beautiful Katelyn a dental assistant visiting from New Jersey see her incredible results after 20 minute SpaWhite... before and after pics included!

  Melissa Sobrin of Seeking Sitter Orlando North Amazing Smile!


Melissa Sobrin above went 5 Shades Whiter with SpaWhite


Merchant Ratings Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!

SeekingSitters - Orlando I've gotten my teeth whitened by the dentist... sat in the chair and felt so uncomfortable...drooling and tingling. And after, my teeth were so sensitive, I couldn't drink or eat anything hot/cold. With WOW Bright Smiles, I didn't feel any pain nor did I resemble a dog with rabies :o) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! Thank you for the great service!March 12, 2011 by SeekingSitters - Orlando in Orlando, FL

Nadia above had braces removed a year ago and wanted her teeth their whitest. We did 2-20 minute SpaWhite Treatments and her results were AMAZING, 6 shades whiter in 40 minutes!

Merchant Ratings fantastic

I got my teeth whitened by Lisa and all I can say is that I am amazed by the results. I didn't know what to expect but I was blown away by the end result. My teeth actually turned 6 shades whiter. I also thought it would really hurt since I have both sensitive teeth and gums, but that never happened. Lisa is very kind and very professional. She took the time out to answer all my questions and explain the process thoroughly. I give her the highest ranking.March 11, 2011 by nadia in Orlando, FL

Eve and Patty were so much fun!  Both sat comfortably in their home while using SpaWhite 20 minute teeth whitening.  Both Patty and Eve were extremely happy with their results each went 3 - 4 shades whiter instantly! 

Merchant Ratings WOW Bright Smiles !!!!

EveHunt What a breeze getting my teeth whitened was. Three shades lighter and no muss or fuss. Will definietly do it again and tell my friends:) I will be resceduling.March 12, 2011 by Eve Hunt  in Altamonte Springs, FL
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