Sunday, March 20, 2011

Extra Extra read all about it - Event Special - Half Off SpaWhite

Weddings Around the World Bridal Expo

Event Special

SpaWhite Express Teeth Whitening
With WOW Bright Smiles

Regular Price $149.00

March 27 @ Florida Hotel Convention Center
Half Price Only $75.00
You do your hair, makeup, and why not make sure your teeth are their whitest for that special day??

Feel confident when smiling with SpaWhite Express 

Only takes 20 Minutes
Guaranteed Instant results 2- 6 shades whiter!
No Sensitivity, Enamel Safe

Consumer review: First Whitening Ever

First Whitening Ever First Whitening Ever - Five Stars
"I came down to Florida for vacation and came to WOW Bright Smiles to see what they were all about. I currently work at a dentist office and we only sell the whitening trays so it seemed to interest me. Since getting whitening trays are so expensive I decided to go to WOW Bright Smiles because of the reasonable pricing. This was the first time i've ever gotten my teeth whitened. I was always told that it would hurt and your teeth will be sensetive afterwards. I got my teeth whitened by Lisa and it only took 20 minutes. I got 4 shades brighter which was more than what I expected. Afterwards I felt completely fine, no sensetivity or pain. When I go back to Jersey I will reffer WOW Bright Smiles to all of my patients who want their teeth whitened withought the hassle of money or pain. THANK YOU LISA!!"

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(When visiting our website, be sure to fill out your info on the contest page, each month we pick a winner for FREE Teeth Whitening and or Maintenance Products!)

**All teeth whitening’s for this event is on first come basis no appointment necessary. If you cannot make the EVENT and would like to schedule an appointment please call and I will honor the Event  pricing must book appointment by March 27th!  Call 1-888-727-1964 x102 Lisa

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